2017 - Present Postdoctoral researcher at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY. 



2011 - 2017 PhD in the Department of Biology, Center for Genomics and Systems Biology, New York University, New York, NY.

2010  Honors in Botany, School of Botany, University of Melbourne, Australia.

2007 - 2009  Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne, Australia.



2011 – 2017  PhD Research,  NYU Department of Biology, Center for Genomics and Systems Biology. Prof. Jane Carlton Laboratory. Investigating the complex genome of the sexually transmitted parasite Trichomonas vaginalis; the effects of transposable elements on gene expression and biology of T. vaginalis, and the mechanisms employed by the parasite to counteract their effect. 

2010  Honours Thesis, University of Melbourne, School of Botany. Prof. Geoff McFadden Laboratory. Localization and genetic manipulation of the Toxoplasma gondii Chloroquine Resistance Transporter (CRT) protein. Identification and Characterization of a novel intracellular vesicle in T. gondii parasites. 



Martina Bradic, Sally D Warring, Grace E Tooley, Paul Scheid, William E Secor, Kirkwood M Land, Po-Jung Huang, Ting-Wen Chen, Chi-Ching Lee, Petrus Tang, Steven A Sullivan, Jane M Carlton, Genetic indicators of drug resistance in the highly repetitive genome of Trichomonas vaginalis. Genome Biology and Evolution, 2017 June 19,

Warring SD, Dou Z, Carruthers VB, McFadden GI and van Dooren GG, Characterisation of the Chloroquine Resistance Transporter homologue in Toxoplasma gondii. Eukaryotic Cell, 2014 May 23.

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Conrad MD, Bradic M, Warring SD, Gorman AW, and Carlton JM. Getting Trichy: Tools and Approaches to interrogating Trichomonas vaginalis in a Post-Genome World. Trends in Parasitology. 2012 Jan;29(1):17-25.



2011 - 2016 Teaching Assistant in the Department of Biology at New York University in: Molecular and Cellular Biology, undergraduate TA. Principles of Biology, undergraduate TA.

2010 – 2011 Teaching Assistant at The University of Melbourne in: Biology of Cells and Organisms, undergraduate TA. Genetics and the Evolution of Life, undergraduate TA.