uHandy Mobile Microscope

Do you have a smartphone or tablet? Would you like to turn it into a microscope? The uHandy Mobile Microscope is a fantastic tool to allow you to do just that. It's a single lens microscope with a built-in light source, cover glass and neat little stickers that work as slides. The lens is built into an adapter that will fit over smartphone or tablet to position the lens in front of your device's camera. Then open your camera app and enjoy. It's great for kids and adults. All you need is your phone or tablet and the microcosmos is yours to explore!   Purchase here.

The Newton Portable Field Microscope

Many of my followers on Instagram have asked if I could recommend an affordable entry-level microscope, so I went looking for one to try out. I now have in my possession the rather remarkable Portable Field Microscope by Newton MicroscpesI think this microscope is fantastic. It's a completely self-contained portable unit. The model I'm using has a 10x and a 40x objective, a 10x monocular eyepiece, an XY imaging stage and built-in LED illumination. You can mount it on a tripod, and you can get adapters to attach an iPhone, an android phone or a digital camera  (I'm using mine with an iPhone 6s). It's battery operated, but it plugs in too. It's set up as an inverted scope and I'm using the cavity slide that Newton Microscopes designed specifically for use in imaging fluids, pond water in my case. 

This microscope is high quality, but most importantly it's really really fun to use. The fact that you can take and use it anywhere is amazing.

You can check out the microscopes at www.newtonmicroscopes.com

And here is a short video showing the Newton in action: